My name is Julia. I live in the country with my husband, my two sons. Throughout my life I have dreamed of a life of self-sufficiency. Fortunately, I met a man with exactly the same dream as mine and together we now build our lives as self-sufficient.
Here you can follow me and our journey to a life of self-sufficiency, knowing everything about how we managed to achieve our dream life without any savings or start-up capital. You can also find guidance and inspiration that I am sure will help you succeed in fulfilling your dreams. You will find out tips and ideas on an ecological and healthy lifestyle, how to grow your own vegetables and herbs, knowledge about the animals we have, our possible animal additions and beekeeping. I will also share super good recipes, both food and baking and much more.
You are warmly welcome to follow this page, comment, share your tips and ideas and ask any questions you wish. For collaborations contact me via email: lovethelifeyoulivejulia@gmail.com
Thank you for looking in :)!