Haw! (Hello! in Lakota)

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for your time reading my blog. I hope you can enjoy the readings of my journey, my studies, my knowledge and my life as self-sufficient in my forest and hopefully you will get inspired as well. The first post is an introduction where I will tell you the story behind my attraction to The Native Americans .. so let’s get started:)!

Through all my upbringing, my mother always told me…”Julia, you are my Pocahontas.” When I was 20, I asked my mom why she always told me that, she smiled and looked at me, then she said I just knew you were different, a pure soul with a true warrior strength within you, it was the first thing I said when I saw you for the first time after the long hours of giving birth to you. When I think back to my childhood she was right, I was never like any other child, especially not like the girls in the neighboring yard. I never played with dolls, or used dresses, I was always out in the wild playing cowboys and Indians for myself and I was always Indian and once I played with the other children, I ended up pulled me away, for the injustices that arose. When she asked why I was playing alone, I always said that I would rather be by myself than do something unfair. My mother once told me about the first time I saw an Indian, it was on the cover off a fairy tale for children. She told me that the attraction to the book was so strange, I was barely two years old, but the fairy tale came to be my best asset as a child. I remember my parents always met by the words, your daughter is weird. I didn’t care that much, but of course that word put a trace on me. I always felt misunderstood in many ways, my personality did not fit into the society I was in. Well, time passed and I grew up and so did my passion for Native American Indians. The feeling of not belonging to the humanity of my time grew the older I became.

I started to study The Native American Indians history, culture, philosophy, way of Life and way of thinking. The more I studied and understood, the more I recognized myself and my way of being, somehow it explained my personality. That personality no one understood but thought it was wierd. Everthing in their way of life conformed who I am and what I believe in. All I wanted was to live simply, out in nature, away from society that wanted to shape me into something I was not. So by the age of 18 my journey with Native American began and today I’m ready to share with you all that knowledge I acquired in my journey and studies. It didn’t just gave me knowledge about them, what the huge knowledge it gave me was the knowledge about myself, about a way of life that everyone deserves. It gave me what I really was missing and that was to always believe in myself, to be proud of who I am and what i believe in. To live in peace, to share kindness to all life on Earth and most important of all…to feel that I’m the same significant as everything on our Mother Earth and that I’m here for a reason.