About me

My name is Julia.
For 20 years, I have studied and explored The Native American Indians way of life, their way of living a life fully in one with nature and all its assets, that through books, the fortune to have met indigenous people through my upbringing but also through spent a long time traveling around in different tribes. In my journey i did not only acquired the knowledge about their life philosophy and culture, it gave me the great kwoledge that came to change me and my life totally and that’s the wisdom of how to live a spiritual life on our planet and the importance of living a humbly and simply life. I also acquired the powerfull tool of self-healing and that’s the sacred medicne wheel. I learned alot about how to live a healthy life by growing our own herbs and vegetables and all this knowledge and 17 years I have spent practicing it all made me succeed with my life. Today I live a healthy life out in nature and as self-sufficient and the time has come for me to follow my path. For a long time I have been thinking about what will become of all the knowledge I have acquired and practiced for myself that has made me reach my destination and helped me to achieve my life goals. So a few months ago, a friend which I have been helping for a year and a half to find her path that will lead her to her destination said to me that I should supervise others. That I should share that knowledge by writing books and by starting a blog, and here I am and the reason why I started my own website.
Here I will share my everyday life, how I do to succeed in life as self-sufficient, you will be able to read more about Native americans and their way of life.

To contact me personally, you are welcome to send an email: