Hi everyone! Welcome to my site. My goal with this site is to share with you how to manage to live a self-sufficient life in today's society and that without a startup capital. To live a fantastic life where you live on what you grow yourself, where you can live by all the gifts of nature, live with many different animals, breed animals and become your own farmer. Where all your food can really be called organic. If your dream has always been to become self-sufficient, financially independent, to live a peaceful, harmonious and simple life and above all to live a healthy life where existence is based on peace of mind then you have come to the perfect website. My vision has always been to guide and inspire others to succeed in following their dreams without feeling the need for a large start up capital or that you are dependent on lots of financial expenses. If I succeeded without any savings or any startup capital, so can you. All I needed was the power of thought, believing in myself, following my dream and understanding that nothing is impossible.

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