Welcome to my forest

Let this journey begin …. exactly as the headline says … welcome to my forest! I’ll tell you how it all started. Almost 3 years ago, I was finally ready to leave civilization behind me, I took our pick and pack and our lives came to change in the right direction. The dream of pulling myself out of civilization finally came true, everything I had been struggling for was the result I had long been waiting for. I was a child when I one day was sitting on a mountain watching the civilization I lived in. I remember how strong the feeling was within me, I wanted to go away. At that time, I couldn’t understand why I never felt like at home in the environment I was born in, all I knew was that I felt trapped like an animal in a cage and that day I understood why I always chose to go up to the mountains. There I felt free, calm, satisfied, harmonious …. there I felt at home. Even though I was too small to understand what I do today, my attraction to nature and the meaning of it, I made the promise to myself … ”When I grow up I will live in a small house in nature”. Of course it wasn’t so easy, it took me 25 years to come here but I succeeded, I fulfilled my promise. Today I live my life in peace of mind, I am free and happy. To settle my life out in nature has taken me almost 3 years but now everything has fallen into place and I am more than ready to welcome you into my life out in my forest.

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